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Quality Electronic Medical Equipments
Powerdrive Multi Task
Intelligent Tourniquet 2001
Intelligent Tourniquet 2003
Micro Multitask
Neuro High Speed Burr System
Special Features
  Long 3m Silicon cord for easy movement and longer reach  
  Extremely versatile (Suitable for THR, TKR, trauma, etc.)  
  Lifetime serive available with 1 year complete warranty  
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Corded Hand Piece
Part No : LK-10020000

Control Unit
Part No: LK-10010000

Common Attachments    
Drilling Attachment
Part No: LK-10020001
Reaming ( AO Synthes Type )
Part No: LK-10020002
Sagital Saw
Part No: LK-10020004
Quick Coupling
Part No: LK-10020007
  Reaming ( Hudson Type)
Part No: LK-10020003
Wire Driver
Part No: LK-10020005 ( 0.8 to 2 mm)
Part No: LK-10020006 ( 2 to 4 mm)