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Quality Electronic Medical Equipments
Powerdrive N - Shaver
Powerdrive Multi Task
Intelligent Tourniquet 2001
Intelligent Tourniquet 2003
Intelligent Shaver 2500
Handycast Saw
Intelligent Dermatome 2008
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
Micro Multitask
Powerdrive Multitask Battery Operated System  
  Battery Operated System
Hand Piece Modular
Part No: LB 10010000
Dedicated Saw Hand Piece
Part No: LF 10010000
  Battery Charging Unit
Part No: LB 10040000
  Asceptic Battery Packs
Part No: LB 10050000
  Sterile Transfer Shields
Part No: LB 10050000
  Common Attachments for Battery Operated System
Drilling with Jacob's Chuck
Part No: LB 10020001

Wire Driver
Part No: LB 10020005
  Reaming AO Synthes Coupling
Part No: LB 10020002
Accessories like sagital Saw Blades, Reamers, Drill Bits, could be requested extra.
* These attachments are common for Handpiece Modular & Dedicated Saw Handpiece.