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Powerdrive Multi Task
Intelligent Tourniquet 2001
Intelligent Tourniquet 2003
Micro Multitask
Neuro High Speed Burr System
Medical Development and Engineering has been formed in the year 2000 with the aim to design, develop, manufacture and sales of reliable electronic medical equipments at reasonable prices. Having expertise in electronic design well-supported by Mechanical engineering aspect, MDE launched the Electronic Tourniquet System with single cuff in year 2000 and double cuff in year 2003. These products were developed with technical design provided by the foreign firms for their requirements. Subsequently, the business was expanded with launch of these tourniquet systems in the market under the brand name MDE in year 2001. Today MDE is a professional team having reasonable market set up all over India and representation abroad.

MDE has launched the battery operated Drilling System and Touchscreen Power drive N-Shaver system in year 2009.
The product range of MDE essentially demanded the developmental infrastructure for electronic medical equipments – a combination of electronic system capability well supported by mechanical engineering infrastructure.
MDE has developed its own design and development set up for electronic parts and has its own CNC machining set up for development of various mechanical parts for the said system. Well planned QMS permits quality manufacturing and traceability for the entire product range