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Quality Electronic Medical Equipments
Powerdrive Multi Task
Intelligent Tourniquet 2001
Intelligent Tourniquet 2003
Micro Multitask
Neuro High Speed Burr System
Special Features
  Electrical Drill System with Power & High Speed upto 30,000 rpm.  
  Having Light weight & Non-bulky Motor.  
  It incorporates brushless DC motor for max.torque & reliability.  
  Various sizes of blades for Sagittal Saw.  
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Micro Multitask Handpiece
Part No : LM 10020000

Control Unit
Part No: LM 10000000

Common Attachments    
Drilling attachment with mini Jacob's Chock
Part No: LM 10030001
Drill Adapter
Part No: LM 10030006
High Speed Drill Attachment
Part No: LM 10030005
Reciprocating Saw
Part No: LM 10060000
  Sagittal Saw (HALL Type)
Part No: LM 10050000
Micro Sagittal Saw
Part No: LM 10040000