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Quality Electronic Medical Equipments
  Neuro High Speed Burr System
Powerdrive Multi Task
Intelligent Tourniquet 2001
Intelligent Tourniquet 2003
Micro Multitask
Neuro High Speed Burr System
Control Unit
  High Speed Motor: upto 80,000 RPM for Greater power.  
  Easy-to-use Touch Screen Controls  
  Performance you can trust: No excessive heat, vibration and noise  
  Foot Switch Best-in-class Analog Variable Foot Switch for increased precision  
  Lowest Shut Off Time foe enhanced safety (Max RPM to Stand Still)  
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Straight and Angled Hand-Pieces    
 Economically designed & light weight for superior control

Cutters & Burrs    
 Wide range of cutters and burrs for easy compatibility